Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Furniture Ain't Cheap

Almost every post-graduate college student will tell you that one thing they never realized was how expensive furniture is. It is quite a shock coming from your home (which your parents likely took care of filling with furniture) and then your college living situation (where you probably had that ubiquitous bent black futon frame) to realize that just to buy a couch can set you back upwards of a grand if you shop anywhere other than Ikea or Walmart.

Apartment Therapy recently posted an explanation of how consumers should think of high priced furniture (especially custom made furniture). Comparing a designer piece to what you see at Crate and Barrel just isn't a fair comparison, due to the quantities that big companies produce that enable them to lower their prices. Lots of times you are paying for the design and the craftmenship when you buy from smaller designers. It's like the difference between buying a Picasso and buying a glossy print of a Picasso.

That being said - don't get swindled, there is such thing as overpriced furniture. But I think Apartment Therapy sums up a good buying strategy:

"We believe in buying a few nice pieces when we feel flush and are really inspired by the design and the craftsmanship."

A few quality pieces surrounded by affordable furniture and accent pieces from larger retailers is a great way to introduce design into your home without breaking the budget. And then again, there is always

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