Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tape Men Part II: Tape Babies

PRADE covered Mark Jennings and his eye-catching street art works made of tape back in May.

Cool Hunting today has a piece about "Storker," Jennings' effort to populate DC and NYC with pint-size tape babies (41 so far at the last count). In Jennings' own words, "If while passsing by one you feel strange sensations in your nipples or fingertips, adopt the infant, breast feed, and give it plenty of pTLC"

Storker is apparently also planning a campaign for Governor of Virginia, and I think the little tyke has a good shot.

I have yet to see one of Jennings' pieces while it is still installed - although I have seen an adopted one on its way home with its new owner. However, seeing as Jennings' work is all over DC, I'm sure it is just a matter of time til I encounter my first tape baby.

Catch updates for Jennings work on his blog here.

Hold on for dear life little guy!

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