Thursday, June 23, 2005

You know your foreign policy is suspect when . . .

In a recent international survey, China is viewed as more popular internationally than the US.

Now I rarely buy into these types of sensationalist surveys, but some of the "findings" of this survey should be alarming to Americans. PRADE tries to stay out of politics, but I think it is important for Americans to at least consider how other people in the world are viewing us based on our government's foreign policy.

Some of the findings:
  • In none of the 16 countries surveyed, the US included, does a majority of the public think the war leading to Saddam Hussein's removal made the world safer. (Well, DUH!)
  • In most countries surveyed, Americans are seen as "inventive" and "hardworking", but they are also seen by many in both Western and predominately Muslim countries as "violent" and "greedy" - a judgment with which many Americans agree. (It is hard to argue when we are labeling ourselves)
  • China is well considered in Europe and Asia, although there is considerable wariness about its growing economic and military power.
That's it for the political discussion for today.

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