Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live 8

I tuned into Live 8 this weekend and was somewhat disappointed that the network only aired one song from each artist, particularly disappointing in the case of Pink Floyd - who hadn't played together for 20 years but only graced the screen for a very appropriate performance of "Money."

Well, if you want to see the other performances that you missed, you can check them out at AOL.

Some other thoughts Live 8:

I thought it was great that the concert was really billed not as a fund-raising event but as an awareness raising one. I also was glad to see that the goal of establishing fair trade policies was included along with finanical aid and debt forgiveness - after all, allowing African countries to be economically self-sufficient should be the real goal.

Why did the Ethiopian woman that was brought on stage with Madonna have a microphone if they weren't going to let her talk?

As many other people pointed out, why weren't more African musicians invited to perform? I don't want to knock the Live 8 effort - because it is for a good cause and hopefully it will have an impact on the decisions being made at the G 8 conference, but it was very strange to see a performance by mostly white, European and American artists for a mostly white, European and American crowd and then have them cut away to video clips of starving African children for emotional impact. Where was Salif Keita? Or Mr Ebbo for that matter!

What genius sold advertising to Trimspa during a concert aimed at preventing people from starving to death?

I was really hoping for Will Smith to sing "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson" and bring Tyson out on stage, thus beginning Tyson's new career as a political activist.

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  • FYI - I found out that the African Girl on stage with Madonna did speak and it was translated for the crowd, but I guess it wasn't important enough to make the TV broadcast.

    By Blogger Andrew, at 1:18 PM  

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