Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And the winner is . . .

Gorilla Mask is hosting their 4th annual "Web Tard" Competition - and boy is there some stiff competition this year. You may already be familiar with the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy, but have you seen the shirtless crooning of "Titanic Pimp" or the uplifting self-affirmations of "You Da Man"? You can watch them all right here - and marvel at how willing people are to embarass themselves in front of millions of people.

As you are watching this year's nominees, keep in mind the purpose of this prestigous award.

Gorilla Mask's "Annual Web Tard Competition" honors the best in traumatic, life-altering web exposures, and the award itself is designed to pay homage to one pathetic individual, but the competition as a whole also acts as an ode to the web's ability to bring us finger-pointing entertainment we never would have experienced in the pre-net days.

But how can you know where you are going unless you revisit where you've been‽ While many of you are intimately familiar with 2003's winner "Star Wars Kid" and last year's people's champ "Numa Numa", I doubt nearly as many of you have ever experienced 2002's title holder - "Aicha." Wait until about half way through the video for his dance moves - and bring a pen and a paper to take notes. Homeboy's moves are notarized bananas.

Thanks to Gorilla Mask for compiling all these great videos in one place. Long live the internet!

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