Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PRADE Is Back With More Tape Creations

PRADE apologizes for the lack of updates recently, but we're back with an update on a PRADE favorite - street installation artist Mark Jenkins.

Mark's latest work Embeds is another variation on his series of works based on human forms made from clear tape. This time Mark opts for a more severe approach that seems to speak to the aggression and violence of urban life. It is a thematic departure from the hopeful innocence of the infants from the Storker project, but no less engaging.

Needless to say, the works are inspiring a plethora of double takes from passers-by.

I'm a huge fan of Mark's work, and it is fantastic to experience an artist while he is producing such inventive and original work.

As always, check in on Mark's website for updates on all his projects.