Friday, March 17, 2006

Working for a Living . . .

PRADE was launched over a year ago as a way to gather the design items I found interesting and comment on them when I had anything remotely intelligent or insightful to say about them. It was my first venture into the blog world, and overall I think it has been successful. PRADE has received visitors from around the world (even if some of them got here by misspelling some illicit search terms), and I've been fortunate to trade words and ideas with some of the best in the business.

Unfortunately, the vacation is over. I just started a new position that is going to take up a considerable amount of my waking hours, and the nature of the work eliminates blogging on the job as an option.

So PRADE is changing formats, and will instead become a weekly blog (or semi-weekly). I'll do my best to keep the content interesting, fresh, and relevant even though it won't be published as frequently. I hope you'll stick with PRADE, and drop in from time to time to see what has caught this untrained but discriminating design eye.


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  • What's the haps Paul? Congratulations on the new job. I'll definitely keep dropping by PRADE. While you're slowing down I'm heating up. I just started a blog called The Corner. As an experienced blogger, I'd appreciate your feedback.



    By Blogger Thomas, at 6:17 PM  

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