Thursday, March 02, 2006

PRADE's March Magazine Rack

Two new gems just dropped at the magazine stand.

First off is the premiere issues of Lemon. Full disclosure, I know one of the new magazine's editorial staff. So I also know how excited he is about this issue, so if you are out and about at Tower Records, Barnes and Noble, or Borders, I suggest picking one up. Described as "pop culture with a twist," the debut magazine includes features on Aesop Rock, Bill Murray, JT LeRoy, artist Jeff Koons, and more. Lemon is brought to you by the team behind the high-concept Gum magazine, so expect some cutting edge publication ish.

Also out now is the latest issue of Trifling Mental, the e-zine from Georgetown grads Thomas Williams and Josh Yaffa. Picture a magazine written by Handsome Boy Modeling school and you have a good idea of what TM is all about. These fellas love waxing philosophical and writing about music or brunch spots with as many Kafka references as they can. When I asked what the heat was in the new issue, I was told "the fresh new interview (and online mix) with G-Stone recording artist and superproducer, Stereotyp, and his Berlin-based crew with the
silly-hot name, Al-Haca." So peep the refined game of the Mental Masters over here.

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  • Lemon looks incredible in person - the production is awesome. I'm biased too :) but it really does!!!

    By Blogger Sarah Grace McCandless, at 1:12 PM  

  • Trifling Mental looks great in cyberspace... But we're biased too.

    *like a 12-gauge pointed at yo' headpiece*

    By Anonymous Maison TM, at 6:21 PM  

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