Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kentucky Skyscraper

The Office of Metropolitan Architecture's design for the Museum Plaza in Louisville, KY.

Never have I witnessed more attention being paid to a building going up in Kentucky.

See what all the fuss is about
here, here, and here.

Life Without Buildings makes the astute observation that the design for the Museum Plaza is eerily reminiscent of a previous OMA design, while Tropolism raises the question of whether the building can overcome the inherent problems of the elevated plaza model on which the building is based. And Daily Dose recommends checking out the music video.

The design is definitely an interesting re-imagination of the classic skyscraper - with much of the building's form stemming from OMA's vision for its various functions. The result is a jumble of overlapping rectangular forms that look remarkably futuristic in their radical departure from the traditional skyscraper. Maybe it is the platform like appearance of the 61 story structure that gives it its sci-fi, dystopian aura. I also agree with Tropolism that locating the main plaza 20+ stories off the ground is going to limit the amount of foot traffic the building might have otherwise garnered.

The $305 million project is scheduled to break ground in 2007.

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