Monday, January 30, 2006

Wrigley Field Renovation

Daily Dose has some photos of the bleacher renovation taking place at Wrigley Field. The stadium is adding seats to the upper portion of the bleachers and creating a cantilevered walkway around the exterior. The bleacher overhaul is part of a larger renovation plan that includes adding a restaurant and additional retail and parking space to the stadium.

A seemingly very intentional side effect of the new bleacher design is that the added seating will likely obstruct the view of some of the famous rooftops that overlook Wrigley field. While this seems like a slight to the lucky Cubs fans who like to take in the game from their dramatic viewpoints, Dose explains that many of those rooftops are actually owned by businesses that charge people to rent the space on gamedays.

Apparently the matter was a heated debate in Chicago, which probably only matters to the downtrodden but dedicated portion of the population that confess to being Cubs fans.

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