Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Wrapping up a lot of loose ends before saying farewell to DC tomorrow night, but wanted to post a few things that have come across my Desktop in the past few days.

  • DC Sole - A new sneaker spot in Gtown tailorign to the true kick collector. These Hoya Terminators are fly, and should be on the feet of a Gtown alum like myself. DC is definitely lacking if you are a sneaker hunter, so this is a welcome addition to the city for the serious shoe addict

  • Breakestra's new album got a solid 4/5 rating at Hip Hop Site. The funk-hop collective have moved from covers of hip hop sample staples like Passing Me By to all original material on this disc. I'm adding it to the road trip playlist as we speak.

  • Tuesday nights in DC, the spot to be at is Dragonfly to hear DC's own Fresh Dipt spinning everything from classic rock to indie punk sprinkled with hip hop heat. Peep the flyer courtesy of PRADE creative services.

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