Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Not sure if any of you have read Grosse Pointe Girl by author Sarah Grace McCandless - but if you haven't, you should. Especially if you are a woman/girl. Sarah Grace captures the unique awkwardness and sad humor of growing up female in a way few authors can.

After you read the book and discover how brilliant Sarah Grace is, you'll probably ask yourself "Where can I read more by this amazingly gifted author?"

Well until her next book hits shelves, the answer is . . . at her new blog, Sarah DisGrace!!

Sarah Grace is a pop culture junkie who will innundate you with Britney gossip. But she will also make you smile with her sharp wit and uniquely cynical yet warmhearted outlook. She wears black too much, but on the inside she's wearing a pink BeDazzled tank top.

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