Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stuffed Animals

Ok, I'll be honest. Taxidermy freaks me out a little, but not as much as taxidermists. I just wonder what gets someone into that kind of hobby. I imagine it is probably included in the typical psychological profile of most serial killers. Of course if you are reading this and you are a taxidermist, please don't kill me, stuff me and mount me on your wall.

Regardless, I still dig Jeanie M.'s quirky and unusual breed of art. She puts stuffed mice and other rodents into human scenes and situations - the result is oddly amusing and interesting to look at, even if it is still significantly creepy.

I saw some of Jeanie M.'s work recently while in San Fran perusing perhaps the most curious store I've ever been in, Paxton Gate. The store offers everything from rare gems, artwork, tea and candles to animal skulls and mounted beetles and butterflies. So it comes as no surprise to me that they are offering a Taxidermy Class with the description, "The class includes lecture, hands-on training and all the instruments needed to taxidermy one mouse. The fee is $80 and the mouse and kit are yours when you’re done." Interested sociopaths please inquire.

Learn more about Jeanie M. right here and browse Paxton Gate's still developing site here.

Via Cool Hunting.

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