Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wallpaper By Numbers

2Jane.com is a gallery of "inspired products and services from innovative independent designers, shaping the face of interior space." Their coolest and most popular product is their paint by number wallpaper. The paper comes with acryllic paint to help you fill in the numbered blanks. You can paint it right away, leave it on your wall unpainted as a post-modern statement on the articiciality of design, or just invite over your artistic friends for margarita and paint party. There are a handful of different designs to match your decor of choice.

The newest design is their Hammerhead Sharks print, for the Discovery Channel and Blue Planet lover in all of us.

Now if only I was talented enough with a paintbrush to pull this off . . . I suppose using crayons to fill it in might look tacky.

Via Design Sponge

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