Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bong Vodka

I recently sampled a new spirit on the market called Bong Vodka. If the name isn't eye catching enough for you, then the bottle surely will be. Shaped like a popular glass smoking device (for tobacco only), the bottle is an attractive addition to anyone's liquor cabinet.

Conceived as an exercise in branding as much as a new spirit launch, Bong Spirit brand vodka uses the iconic shape of the bottle as a symbol of this vodka's Dutch origins. The taste is surprisingly smooth, and will not give you the munchies or induce any coughing.

But let's be honest, anyone that buys this is purely in it for the bottle. I'm sure the MacGyver smokers of the world will even find a way to modify it for alternative purposes once they've emptied it making delicious Hemp-tinis.

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