Wednesday, February 23, 2005

DIY Cards

Apartment Therapy has a great story about a family that has kept and framed 20 years worth of original cards sent to them by their artist friend, Richard Ellis.

The reason I love this story is that my girlfriend loves to make personalized cards too, and she has really sold me on what a great message they send to the person receiving them. I've been amazed at how creative and thoughtful my girlfriend's cards have been, to the point that I was inspired to make some homemade holiday cards of my own this year (they didn't turn out nearly as well, but it is the thought that counts). I'll try to post pictures of my attempt and her impressive output soon.

I know I missed Valentine's Day on this one, but really think about making an original card for your next special occassion - they make a great impression, and who knows . . . they may still be hanging on your friend's wall in twenty years' time.

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