Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tee-d Off

Think you have impeccable taste in t-shirts? Is your wit razor sharp? Do people other than your mom think you are funny?

Then submit a slogan to
OMG Clothing and see if the public agrees. The top slogans might be on OMG's next t-shirt, which makes you not only cool enough to say "I designed that shirt" as someone walks by in it, but also makes you $200 richer (100 in cold hard benjamins, and another 100 in certificates for OMG clothing). From the people that brought you Threadless.

So submit your witticisms today. Although I doubt you can top my "Will drink for Jumbo slice" slogan - now tracking at a staggering 7% approval rating.

(Note: Those of you who own a "I'm with stupid" t-shirt need not apply)

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