Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Arco Me Crazy

I have a request of fellow modern design enthusiasts. Let's stop the arco-insanity. Almost every house I see featured in modern design magazines and books these days has a prominently featured Arco lamp, usually in the living room or dining area, like so . . .

I have nothing against this piece, and I recognize the importance it has in the history of modern design. But enough is enough people. There are other floor lamps and lighting options that deserve attention. This lamp is becoming the Che Guevarra of modern design furniture. I see it in a house and all I think is "This person wants me to think that he/she is a design enthusiast." Just think how boring life would be if everyone hung the same Andy Warhol photo in their house, or if everyone drove the same vintage Cadillac, or if everyone had the same portable MP3 device(wait, everyone does. Strike that last one.)

Anyway, just a friendly request. Don't be like the pro athlete with the ubiquitous Scarface poster in their media room on CRIBS. We can do better than that.

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